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My Top Seven Favorite Quotes from RISA HONTIVEROS

For inspiration, introspection, or provocation, on the last few days before May 10:

–          On LGBT rights and discrimination:

“This is a human rights issue…This is the real clash of civilization, this idea that one group of people is inferior to another. What we need to counter this is also fundamental. We have to change the way we live as families, the way we raise our children, the way we befriend each other, or enter into relationships with each other. Dapat din yung mga institusyon ng lipunan natin ay maabot ng ganitong uri ng pagbabago and that’s what the Anti-Discrimination bill wants to be a part of – a change of consciousness and a change of systems as well.”

–          On Reproductive Health (debating Kit Tatad):

“Kabuuan po ang katawan naming mga babae pati kayong mga lalaki. Bahagi ng kalusugan ang reproductive health… Kailangan laman pong malaman na kasinungalinan sabihin na may aborsyon sa RH bill… Definitely hindi sakit ang pagbubuntis; kailangan iwasan yung unintended pregnancies para mabawasan yung pagkamatay at pagkasira ng pamilya…. Ang ininusulong po ng RH bill ay yung access sa impormasyon, sa serbisyo, at kung pipiliin,modern family planning methods para sa bawat babae o kanyang asawa o ka-partner para ma-plano ang kanilang pamilya at mabuhay sila sa isang makataong antas ng pamumuhay. ”

–          On jobs and the economy:

“I think there are a lot of spaces yet in our economy where we can and should find places where people can get a job or make a living… (Increasing productivity) will have to be (a focus of our platform) para buksan pa yung space for further social reforms including asset reform and greater economy in the economy. We do have to make the pie bigger and more meaty so there’s more substance to be distributed for all the citizens to share. If we generate more and quality employment with a degree of security to it for the employees, that should be an incentive for greater productivity across all sectors of the economy… “

–          On parenthood:

“I have to be there for my kids’ happenings. If it means waking up early and sleeping late, I will do that. To do stuff for them and with them – ngayon lang ‘yan eh. When they have their own lives, we can take back ours.” (Interview with HIPP magazine.)

–          What she tells her kids, and young people:

“Follow your bliss, find the thing you love most that you’re good at doing, that will make you happy. ‘Yan na rin ang magiging serbisyo nyo.” (Interview with HIPP Magazine.)

“In this time of hate and violence, find the thing you’re happy with because happiness transforms you.” (Interview with 100 magazine)

–          On her passion for public service:

“Knowing what’s happening, understanding what’s happening and forming an opinion and based on that opinion, trying to find out what can be done – that’s what I’m passionate about…. Let’s get involved and let’s get it right this time. This is the rest of our lives.” (Interview with 100 magazine)


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