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Finally the Death Eaters speak…

… but what they say just infuriates me more. The nasty hypocrites. Here’s an excerpt from an article on abs-cbn news online.

Sigma Rho speaks
Meanwhile, the Sigma Rho Council Inc. and the alumni association of the Sigma Rho fraternity have issued a statement condemning Mendez’s untimely death.

“We both urge the police and university authorities to thoroughly investigate this unwarranted incident to ferret out the truth,” council president Bienvenido Somera Jr. said.

Police have said the evidence gathered points to the hazing allegedly perpetrated by Sigma Rho’s members as the cause of Mendez’s death. In its statement, the fraternity neither confirmed nor denied its members’ involvement in the case.

Somera said they condole with Mendez’s family and assured them that the council “is interested as much in bringing things to light so that justice may be served.”

He also appealed to the media to “be more circumspect in their reporting and not make a media circus out of the incident” because it would only “muddle the issue.”

“Quite surely, the proper authorities are doing their jobs to solve the incident,” Somera said.

He called on fraternities to convene with UP officials to seek a common plan of action “to arouse a collective consciousness rooted in civic responsibility, and to put an end to activities that only breed a culture of violence in society.”

So why didn’t they participate in the covenant signing at Malcolm Hall? So what exactly has Rho Sig done to end activities that breed a culture of violence in society?  Media circus? Really??? Muddle up the issue? What exactly is the issue being muddled up here when all we are searching for is the truth? Most importantly, are they implicitly denying that Cris died from injuries sustained during Sigma Rho initiation rites?

The same article says that a witness, also a participant during the initiations, has come forward with information. If true, then my hat’s off to him for doing the right and just thing. As for the rest of Sigma Rho, especially their leadership, tell us how Cris died, and face the consequences of your actions. Please don’t issue empty statements – and least of all, do not point fingers at anyone else for “muddling up the issues.” The issue, dear sirs, is far from being muddled up. It is quite simple: Someone’s dead by your hands. Whatever outrage or scorn you are receiving is an inevitable reaction. Be the men you purport yourselves to be.


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