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Own the BNPP? Why not?!? ;p

So I guess most everybody by now knows about the efforts to revive the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Now, regardless of how you feel about nuclear energy, and all the economic, social and environmental issues that come with it, consider this: The proposed bill by Rep. Mark Cojuanco (Pangasinan) wants to fund the project in two ways: 1) for the government to enter into foreign and domestic loan agreements to publicly fund the project; and 2) to impose a SURCHARGE UPON ALL ELECTRICITY CONSUMERS OF TEN CENTAVOS PER KILOWATTHOUR, for the next five years, even before the plant becomes operational. There is a conditon too that three years or so after the plant becomes operational, consumers will be reimbursed for the surcharges they have paid. (There are no further details as to how this reimbursement will actually be done.)

To my mind, what this is is a loan from electricity consumers to the government, to be paid at a future time through reimbursement. In effect, papautangin natin ang gobyerno (in installment for the next five years and at the rate of ten centavos per kilowatthour we consume) para ma-operate nito ang BNPP. Babayaran nila tayo thru reimbursement. (In which case, then shouldn’t we be reimbursed PLUS INTEREST?)

Anyway, Mr. Cojuanco wants it this way, so that, he says, the FILIPINO PEOPLE CAN OWN THE PLANT. He justifies the surcharge by citing the big savings that he expects the Filipino people to enjoy once the plant is running and supplying “clean and cheap” power to everybody. Hmmm…. how benevolent, no?

What do you think? For as little as 30 pesos per month (depende na lang sa iyong lifestyle), you, my dear Filipino, can own your little slice of nuclear heaven that is BNPP!!!!!!! What an amazing prospect!!!!!! Game ka ba????? 🙂

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