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Manny Villar’s SAL

My comments:

1. Yaman niya. Obvious ba?!?

2. Sigurado ba siya sa value ng properties/residences niya? HIs house in Las Pinas is only worth 2M or so? Eh townhouse sa QC ay 3M na at least?!?!?!

3. Click on the Business Interests link – Yun lang talaga ang corporations niya? DI ba sa kanya ang Camella (Vista Land)?

4. News reports say he’s spent anout 1BILLION pesos, and that’s even before the start of the official campaign period. And he says he’s used only his own money. So, if his net worth in 2003 was about just half a billion … that doesn’t quite add up. So, he’s built at least twice his net worth in the last six, seven years (and spent all of it already? So, he’s actually spent donors’ money on the campaign (belying the claim that all of it is his own money)? Something’s gotta give.


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