I Love Jovito Salonga

Salonga resigns from Sigma Rho
By Tina Santos, Santiago Alcantara
Last updated 02:26am (Mla time) 09/15/2007
MANILA, Philippines – Ramon Magsaysay awardee and former Senate President Jovito Salonga has resigned as member of the Sigma Rho fraternity after some of its members were implicated in the fatal hazing of UP-Diliman student Cris Anthony Mendez.

“I hereby resign as a member of Sigma Rho, effectively immediately,” Salonga said.

In a statement sent to the Inquirer, Salonga, one of the most prominent Sigma Rhoans, said that he was resigning “because of recent events in which Sigma Rho has been involved.”

Other prominent members of Sigma Rho are former Senate President Franklin Drilon, Senators Edgardo Angara, Juan Ponce Enrile and Iloilo Vice Gov. Rolex Suplico.

Salonga had earlier threatened to resign if it was determined that Sigma Rho members were involved in the death of Mendez.

“I joined Sigma Rho Fraternity, along with my classmate Pedro I. Yap (who later became Chief Justice) shortly after it was founded. At that time there was no hazing as a prerequisite to admission,” Salonga said.

Mendez, a 20-year-old graduating UP student, was rushed past midnight of Aug. 27 to the Veterans Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

Quezon City police investigators found out that Mendez was a victim of hazing due to “bruises all over his body, particularly on the back of his arms and thighs.”

Further investigations proved that Mendez was being recruited into the Sigma Rho fraternity. No one from among its members has since come forward to admit responsibility for the killing.

The National Bureau of Investigation said it would no longer summon students of UP who could shed light on the investigation of the death of Mendez.

Instead, police officials and NBI agents would be the one to go to the university and get the statements of possible witnesses, said lawyer Romulo Asis, chief of the NBI Anti-Terrorism Division, which was tasked to handle the case.

Asis explained that the move was agreed upon during a meeting among the NBI, Quezon City Police and UP officials yesterday.

“UP officials were requesting if the students, particularly the possible witnesses to the case, could be interviewed at the university instead of inviting them over at the NBI, sort of giving them a “comfort zone.”

“Of course, we understand that they (UP officials) were just protecting the students, especially those who might receive threats as a result of their decision to come out in the open,” Asis said, adding that the meeting was part of the three institutions’ cooperative efforts.
Asis added that the UP administration would provide an office where student witnesses can be interviewed by authorities.

For the past two weeks, the NBI has been issuing subpoenas to several UP students and alleged members of the Sigma Rho fraternity who recruited Mendez into the fraternity.

However, not one of those subpoenaed has showed up at the bureau, Asis said. He claimed that some of them only sent letters “invoking their right to remain silent.”

Another NBI source added that the UP administration, which has launched its own probe of the case, wanted to be the first to file a case against those allegedly involved in the incident.

“They requested if they can be ahead in filing an administrative case,” the NBI source said. “I think the purpose is to come up with expulsion of the people involved.”


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  1. 1

    taroogs said,

    wow… that’s like harry potter finding our that his father bullied professor snape when they were still in hogwarts! labo ng konek. hehehe

  2. 2

    anne castro said,

    I love Jovy Salonga-one of the very few statesmen in our country. Yan ang tunay na Filipino. I campaigned for his presidential bid when I was in highschool. Too bad majority wins.

  3. 3

    anne castro said,

    I cannot seem to comprehend why the supposedly “most brilliant minds of our country” still sunscribe to such medieval violence. You guys should coerce the state university to clean up all these fraternities or bust.

  4. 4

    taroogs said,

    and, apparently, the sigma rho leadership didn’t take too kindly to jovy’s resignation — their top honcho (i forgot his name) accused jovy of forgetting how much sigma rho helped him when he was still active in politics… sabi nung head: palibhasa retired na siya sa pulitika!

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Al Turdic said,

    Sigma Rho baptism: For each utterance of those two words, a neophyte gets slapped in the face a total of 6 times. Spell Sigma Rho! For each letter that a neophyte spells out he gets whacked really hard in an area behind his thighs with a 4 foot long paddle. What does Sigma Rho stand for? Answer: Sanchez Roman (sabay palo ulit). Who are our most famous brods? For every answer – malakas na palo or suntok. After all is said and done, you earn the right to be called “brod” by those nutcases. It’s really a sad commentary on the state of affairs of the so-called best Law school in the country. Can’t UP Law even come up with a little more decent frats? It’s like a page off the “Lord of the Flies”.

  7. 7

    SUPREMO said,

    ka jovy isa kang buhay na bayani.. saludo kaming mga Sigma Kappa Pi sa inyong pagkalas sa kapatirang pumaslang kay Cris Mendez… Pinuri po kayo ng kapatid namin na kolumnistang si Jarius Bondoc.. Mabuhay ka!

  8. 8

    thewordwarlock said,

    do you guys even know the legal presumption of innocence before one is proven guilty in an appropriate court? let the court first resolve this case before you chew your butts off against the frat. this is simple due process. all of you mercilessly lambast GMA every time she violates due process yet you can’t even respect due process on your own. talk about practicing what you preach.

  9. 9

    bartolome said,

    san mo napulot yan AL TURDIC?

    Napanaginipan mo?


    If you dont know what your talking about wag nalang magpauso lumalabas ang katangahan eh

  10. 10

    qwekqwek said,

    nobody resigns from Sigma Rho. You can only be expelled by very select members.

  11. 11

    monita said,

    Seekers of the right my a*s

  12. 12

    warts said,

    first of all the only to way out of sigma rho is to be expelled by the grand archon. and second all the things written by al turdic aint true it does not happen that way. I should know both i got expelled from the fraternity because i just cant stand the violence instigated by some of the members. Not all the members of the fraternity are evil but the problem is most if not all else are tolerant.

  13. 13

    jerry said,

    hey,i did campign fot him when i was in college,he is a damn saint for this country,we belong to a greater frat,a bigger society called the filipino society and brothers,we even belong to a great race called the human race,and a kin called mankind.so better be kind to our filipino king atleast 🙂 lets not kill them for the rational of joining brotherhood and the likes.lets kill or penalize the fucken corrupt which causes decay in our modest society! …after proven guilty.

  14. 14

    jerry said,

    hey,i did campign for him when i was in college,he is a damn saint for this country,we belong to a greater frat,a bigger society called the filipino society and brothers,we even belong to a great race called the human race,and a kind called mankind.so better be kind to our filipino king at least 🙂 lets not kill or pain them for the rational of joining brotherhood and the likes.lets kill or penalize the fucken corrupt which causes decay in our modest society! …after proven guilty.

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