Who needs big-name celeb endorsements?

Narito ang mga tunay na kwento ng mga tunay na tao para sa TUNAY NA PARTIDO!

Here is Akbayan’s campaign video showing its achievements and advocacies. Special feature: the music video of “Ihahatid Kita” – a Gary Granada composition for Akbayan, performed by progressive Filipino artists Noel Cabangon, Bayang Barrios, Cooky Chua, and Gary Granada.


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    thewordwarlock said,

    tunay na partido? i’m not a hater of activists. i consider myself as someone lying in the center-right of the political spectrum. but i have some qualms to clarify about this party akbayan. isn’t it the akbayan youth group in UP which helped alyansa and the UP admin to campaign for the tuition fee increase in UP?
    if i remember correctly, the position taken by akbayan was that a 300% tuition rate increase is tolerable because there is an STFAP mechanism in place anyway. by any definition, STFAP is similar to the scholarship programs of Ateneo or any private school dedicated to help the poor but deserving students to enroll. Akbayan even attacked that other noisy party (whose stand is anti-tuition fee increase) for not studying the issue well. the point however is if Akbayan did study their issues well, they should have known that ateneo and La salle, respectively, actually has more scholars than UP has STFAP beneficiaries.

    I’m a freshman student now in UP and my family cannot really afford to pay for private school education. But i cannot avail of this STFAP benefit because the program is so strict that one has to be a TAONG GRASA to be able to become a beneficiary!!! i wonder if STFAP is really meant to work or if it was just meant to be a smoke screen-a big excuse- to raise fees. i heard that this was first introduced when UP raised the fees to P300 per unit back in the 80’s.

    eto ba ang tunay na partido? eto ba ang nanawagang patalsikin si GMA? tumulong pa sa UP admin para pataasin ang binabayaran ng mga estudyanteng katulad ko na napilitang mamalimos sa mga kamag-anak para may pang-enroll?

    now you dare criticize GMA and bandy yourselves as “for the masses” when in your own backyard you practice GMA’s type of politics–preaching something but practicing the opposite. i bet you are all happy now that Ayala would make a commercial area out of UP’s supposed to be academic campus grounds. for all your talks about a science and technology park, let me remind you first that the ayala corporation is a real estate developer, not an R and D financier. and oh, if the UP charter change would be implemented, i bet you wouldn’t be surprised if Ayala would end up buying those pieces of lands.

    kung ito ang klase ng magpapatalsik kay GMA sa mga rally, kay GMA na lang ako.

  2. 2

    thewordwarlock said,

    ikaw sandigan ng nangangailangan,
    ikaw ang pag-asa at kinabukasan,
    haplos mo ay lunas sa bawat pagal,
    salamat sa iyong dampi ng pagmamahal,

    uyy napakanta sya

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